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Room Types of Andaman Lanta

Room Types of Andaman Lanta

The Resort features 79 guestrooms Bungalow and Suites, comprising 35 Hotel Standard, 19 Hotel Deluxe , 8 Bungalows Standard , 6 Bungalow Deluxe , 9 Bungalow Sea view and 2 Andaman Suite. All private balconies facing to sea view and forest hills .While furnishing are both natural and modern, making extensive use of handicraft hard woods.

Hotel Standard Rooms
offering 40 square meters of living space, 35 rooms totally forest hills. 



Hotel Deluxe rooms
offering, 19 rooms with luxury décor and view side, offering 40 square meters.



Bungalow Standard Rooms
offering 40 square meters of the room size, more comfortable and convenience with 8 rooms.



Bungalow Deluxe Rooms
with 45 square meters, are located in 6 units, each with 2 guestrooms, nestled with tropical gardens.



Bungalow Sea view Rooms
with 45 square meters closed-up beach front total 9 guestrooms.



Andaman Suite
cover 50 square meters with the luxury bathtub in bathroom joined 1 unit each with 2 guestrooms perched on the edge of the beach only 2 rooms


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